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Both locations of The Vortex (Midtown and Little 5 Points) are bars, designed for adults. Therefore, we restrict access to people 21 and over at all times. Oddly, some people think this means they can bring their children, toddlers or infants with them. To further clarify, if your children, toddlers or infants are under 21 years old, they are not allowed on the premises of either Vortex location, until their 21st birthday. Even if they already do smoke and drink.


All patrons will be required to present proper identification. No ID = No entry. Don’t give anyone a hard time when they ask for your ID. By law, you must have valid ID to consume alcohol in a bar, no matter how old you are. So if you didn’t bring your ID with you, and are denied access to The Vortex, it’s your own damned fault for being a dumb-ass. Who doesn’t carry ID? We do not create the liquor laws, but we are re- quired to obey them.


When checking identification, we will only accept IDs that are acceptable under Georgia State law. All acceptable forms of ID must include a photograph of the bearer, date of birth, and must not be expired. Photocopies or other reproductions of any of the acceptable forms of ID will not be valid.

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

  • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or ID Card issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory or the District of Columbia.
  • Valid Georgia State issued Temporary Driver’s License.
  • U.S. Armed Forces ID Card.
  • Merchant Marine ID Card, issued by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Official Passport of any recognized government.

Unacceptable Forms of Identification:

  • Any identification document that does not meet the ID REQUIREMENTS noted above.
  • Foreign Drivers License or ID Card.
  • Student ID Card, Foreign or Domestic.
  • Birth Certificates.
  • Library Cards.
  • DUI Paperwork.
  • Gun Permits.
  • Notes from your Mom.


The “Land of the Free” has the highest minimum drinking age of all the developed countries on earth. The majority of countries have set their minimum drinking age at 18, while many are lower, and some have no minimum age law at all. We believe that the nationwide drinking age of 21 in the U.S. is not only ineffective but actually counter-productive. But it is the law, and as such, we are required to obey it.


We believe that if a citizen is considered responsible enough to vote, serve the military, enter into legally binding contracts, deliberate on a jury, and be held legally liable as an adult by our court system, then they should also be able to legally drink a beer in a bar. There are several organizations actively seeking to change the minimum drinking age in the United States on legal, philosophical and pragmatic grounds. They include the National Youth Rights Association, Choose Responsibility, the Amethyst Initiative, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. If you’d like to find out more information on this subject, just use the Google machine.


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